Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Physical and Mental Space

Happy springggg!!! Most places around the world are still frigid and cold, but spring is starting sneak up on us. Los Angeles really only has one season, but lately it's been cold and rainy which is a nice change from the blistering heat. Even though I'm an L.A. native, I hate the heat and long for less humidity and lower temperatures. 

When I think of spring, I think of flowers blooming, warm sun and blue skies. Winter starts to disappear and leaves behind a nice chill in the air. Bees come out to play, (I somehow aways end up being chased by one or two) new fashion trends are introduced and ice cream starts to sound better and better. 

With a change in season comes an intense urge to organize and declutter my environment. I'm a virgo, what can I say! As strange as it sounds, I think I'm the most unorganized and scatter brained in the winter. With finals and the holidays, I find it hard to keep my brain and my physical space tidy. Spring rolls in and all of a sudden I look around and realize that my life is a bit of a mess. Today I wanted to talk about a couple different ways I make my working environment a more creative environment and how I declutter my mind and my physical space!

1.) Make your working space feel like you!

First things first, I think it is so important to have a space that you can walk into and immediately exhale. When I walk into my own working space, it feels and looks like me. I have posters of Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and James Taylor on my walls. Vinyls, postcards and polaroids are also scattered around my space to remind me of the places I've gone (or wish to go to) and the people I love. For me, covering all four walls in colorful images and memories helps me feel creative. If I'm ever in a creative slump, I stare at my Janis Joplin poster for a while (it is the most colorful thing ever) or take a moment to appreciate the brilliant minimalist drawing I have from the movie "The Jerk" ("he hates these cans!"). Having things around you that make you happy and remind you of your passions, will help you become more creative and produce great content!

2.) Declutter your mind

My typewriter is always on the side of my desk with a piece of paper just waiting to be typed on. Sometimes, if I'm in a bit of a creative block, I'll push my computer aside and use my typewriter instead. There's something about staring at words being printed on a paper rather than being typed on a screen that gives me an energy recharge. I'll write a letter to my sister, write about my day or make a shopping list. If you're like most of the 21st century population and don't own a typewriter, try using a pen and paper! It's okay if you keep writing the word blueberry over and over again. If that's all that comes to your mind, writing it down still means you're decluttering your inner space. 

Most of the time my head is filled to the brim with stress or "what if" thoughts. I like to decompress through doing something mindless. I know it sounds weird. How are you going to declutter your mind by ignoring your thoughts? Sometimes, the best way to stop thinking about your grocery list or ruminating on the things that you just can't change, is through a little bit of distraction. My favorite thing to do is crossword puzzles. I know I'm an 80 year old woman, but I promise it works. I've been using the app "word crossy" and I swear it will calm your brain down!

I'm no stranger to stress or anxiety. In the past, every time an anxious thought popped into my head, I would avoid it. My rational was if you don't think about it, maybe it will just go away. Well let me tell you, avoidance is a terrible way to deal with your stress. I have learned over the past couple of years that the best way to handle your anxious thoughts is to confront them head on and if possible, find a positive solution. Reading books, writing down your thoughts, taking a couple deep breathes every now and then and vocally expressing your anxieties can help your thoughts become more manageable. 

Another way I like to declutter my mind and body is through music. If I'm having a bad day or feel a bit creatively stale, I pop in my headphones and shuffle my master playlist. 20 minutes of your favorite music combined with a bit of dancing can calm your brain down and clear your mind. Next time you're sitting there thinking "I literally can't think of anything, I'm going to fail" put on some tunes! It will put a smile on your face, brighten your mood and open up your mind.

3.) declutter your physical space

If you're anything like me, you're heart probably skips a beat when you come across washi tape, fun pens or simply walk into the Container Store. One way I declutter my physical working space is by having a place for everything. My markers go in a separate holder than my pens and my post-its, rulers and scissors go somewhere else. I also have a desk with a million drawers, so that makes it easy to take all the unnecessary items off my desk. I made sure to buy a lamp (shout out to Target) that I actually don't mind looking at, and pushed all of my cords behind my desk so I wasn't staring at tangled chargers all day. My goal is to only have the necessities in front of me.

I also have a space with great natural light and a decent view. If my environment is ever feeling cluttered and my cheeks start to turn red from feeling a bit overwhelmed, I can just turn my chair towards the window and watch the leaves on the trees sway back and forth for a while. 

So, there you have it! A couple ways to spice up your space and mind for spring! I hope these tips and tricks help you develop a creative working space and help you declutter your physical and mental space.

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