The Mansplaining Epidemic

When a man tries to explain something to me in a patronizing voice, my eyes roll so far in the back of my head that I can see the people behind me. Mansplaining is not when a man literally explains something to a woman. It's when a man tries to explain something to a woman that she already knows. A man who interrupts, talks over, and condescends a woman when she is talking about her own body or experience is a mansplainer. When a man thinks he knows more than a woman and automatically thinks that his opinion is better, then he immediately walks into mansplainer territory. 


Women have a mansplainer radar. It's an unexplainable fire that starts to burn throughout my entire body when a man starts to mansplain. A perfect example of mansplaining is when a man thinks he knows more about women than women know about women. There is nothing wrong with men talking about women and feminism. It becomes an issue when men think they know more about the topic than actual females who go through it everyday!


The two things that make me laugh is when a man tries to explain how your period feels or what it's like to carry a child. Men will never understand what crippling cramps feel like or come close to understanding the experience of child birth. I mean, they can try, but if a man thinks he knows more about these topics than we do, then he is a huge mansplainer. 

A man cannot come close to understanding the sexist experiences that women go through everyday. From catcalling to office meetings, women are constantly seen as inferior. It is rare that a woman yells out to a guy on the street "Hey, nice butt!" It IS common that a woman walking down the street is harassed with comments like "nice ass" and "smile." Why would I smile if I'm being publicly belittled?!


Another perfect example is if a man tries to explain your OWN job to you. It's not like going to the job interview, getting the job, and working at that job is enough for you to understand what your job entails. No, I NEED a man to explain the criteria to me. 

Mansplaining is an epidemic. It's almost like there's a mansplaining blood pact amongst men around the world. 

We can't necessarily stop mansplaining, because there are entitled and narcissistic men everywhere, but we can continue to stand up for ourselves. 

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