4 Ways to Wear Your Feminist Pins

There are more ways than one to wear your favorite feminist pins. Personally I put my pins on every piece of clothing and accessory I own, but here are 4 different ways you can wear them out and about.

1.) Jackets

I love putting my favorite feminist pins (check ours out on the shop page of our website) on any jacket that I'm wearing that day. Normally I deck out my jean jacket for a super retro 70's feel. Bomber jackets, jean jackets and sweatshirts work too. 

2.) Hats

Pins look super cute on any hat and it's a great way to show off your feminist pride. Pin our Janet pin on the front of a dad cap or our Fierce Feminist pin on a beret. I love chucking on my baker boy hat and adding a girl power pin on top. 

3.) Jean Pockets

As you can tell jean is a big part of my life because they are perfect for pins! I love adding pins to my front jean pockets. It's an accessory similar to a patch but you can take it off at the end of the day and change it up whenever you want to.

4.) Shoes

Listen, I know it sounds weird but pins really do look great on shoes! Sneakers, boots, espadrilles, you name it. Add our Janet pin to the inside of your sneakers or our Fierce Feminist pin to the back of your favorite pair of trainers. Lace up those shoes and walk the walk!

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