It's Time To End The Pink Tax

"I guess because we're women we just have to pay more? Okay, I guess that makes sense." SAID NO WOMAN EVER. 

If you don't know what the pink tax is, let me break it down for you. The pink tax is the extra amount women are charged for products like tampons, pads, razors and even dry cleaning. 

Every month I'm reminded of the pink tax. I'm not asking for my period. I'm not asking to spew blood for 7 days. In no way do I see tampons or pads as a "luxury item" and I think most women would agree with me. Cramps, bloating, and bleeding is not our idea of fun. Yet, we're being taxed for feminine hygiene products!


A woman pays an extra $1,351 per year due to the pink tax. On the Ax The Pink Tax website, they have a calculator that estimates how much you have lost to the pink tax in your life time. I've been alive for 18 years and have already lost $25,169 to the pink tax. I literally stared at that amount for a good 5 minutes, trying to rap my brain around this insanely high number. I've only had my period for four years (I know, late bloomer) and yet I have lost that much in my lifetime. It's because the pink tax doesn't just apply to feminine hygiene products. Women and girls pay 7% more for toys and accessories, 4% more for children's clothing, 8% more for women's clothing and 13% more for personal care products. On average, women pay an extra 7% for everyday products and services. For example, on average women pay $8.39 for shampoo and conditioner. Men pay $5.68. That's a $2.71 difference in price and a 48 percent difference. 


Women have to pay more--simply because we're women?? It makes no sense, which is why it's time time to end the pink tax. Ax The Pink Tax and Billie are two companies that are taking an active stance against the pink tax.  Billie is a razor subscription service who's razors are are priced in line with men's razor subscriptions. What I love about Billie is that they're "female first." They're here to give you a better shave with a better razor at a much better price. Not to mention that they're website and products are so aesthetically pleasing.

We need more companies that take active action agains the pink tax. Just because we're women, does not mean we should be an after thought. That sentence doesn't even make sense, because why should it matter what gender you are! Everything should be equal, period. Yet, it still doesn't seem to be that easy. 

8 states (Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida) have outlawed the tampon tax. That's a great start but what about the other 42 states?

In April, Congresswoman Jackie Speier introduced legislation that would end the pink tax. 27 other democratic reps signed on to The Pink Tax Repeal Act, which would prevent companies from pricing products differently based on gender. Speier argued that "women get hit with a double whammy: They make less for doing the same work and they pay more for the same product or service because it’s for women. Whether it’s a pink teddy bear, deodorant from the same manufacturer, or a white laundered shirt, it’s time to say enough! Discrimination is illegal." 

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The Cost of Being a Female Consumer:

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