One perk of having a business is that you get to share your story! We have had the honor of being interviewed by some pretty cool sites and brands. Check out our interviews below.

Ladies Who Launch interviews women of all ages in any career path in hopes to empower "the next generation of strong and fearless women". Check out our interview with this amazing company!


VoyageLA highlights artists, creators and inventors. We had the lovely opportunity to share our story! In the article I talk about how my feminist journey began, my pins and what VoiceBox is all about!


Strike Inspo is an inspirational brand and website that highlights female voices. From topics like creative feminine energy to art therapy, Strike Inspo is focused on supporting women in everything they do. Check out our interview where we talk about VoiceBox, our 60s' and 70's flare, creativity and more!


She's Fit to Lead is "the place for college and early career women to go to become confident leaders in the real world." Connect to Confidence shares the stories of young entrepreneurs and business women! Check out our full interview with them where we talk all about VoiceBox!


The Uncommon Muse is "by women, for women, about women." They are a brand that is committed to taking up space and allowing women to share their stories. The Uncommon Muse is all about women empowerment and is a great platform that enables women to share their own experiences. Check out our fabulous interview with them where we talk all about VoiceBox!